Angélique Louail is a painter based in France. She produces mainly abstract works, in acrylic, and very colorful.

Angélique was born on March 5, 1979 in Chambray-lès-Tours, Indre-et-Loire (37), France.

She started painting late at the age of 34, without ever having attended art school beforehand. Self-taught, she was able to free herself from the codes usually transmitted by academic teachers.

After making these first paintings, she continued to explore new techniques, methods, and materials to enrich her artistic approach.

She is inspired by everything that can provoke an emotion, past or present. Her type is very instinctive, she never prepares her canvases in advance, letting herself be carried away by the present moment.

Angélique's paintings are full of vibrant colors, and subtle light, which are at the heart of her work. His works are part of private collections around the world: in Australia, Europe, the United States and Canada.

She exhibits her paintings once or twice a year, in different places and occasions, for now only nationally.

  • Nationality: France (Contemporary Artist)
  • Date of birth: 1979
  • Artistic fields: Painting

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